Rage technical problems blamed on drivers, updates incoming

Rage Thumbnail E3

Yesterday we mentioned that Rage players have been experiencing severe texture lag and framerate problems . In a post on the Bethblog , Bethesda says that "these problems can be attributed to driver issues" adding that they're "currently working with Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible."

They recommend that Nvidia users should upgrade to the latest beta drivers and ensure that the auto update feature is on, suggesting that Rage specific tweaks to the drivers could be on the way.

There's mixed news for AMD card owners. "Yesterday we posted the latest beta drivers for both card manufacturers on our blog," say Bethesda. "We've learned that AMD is reporting issues with their driver update , and you should not use it ."

Craig did try installing these drivers to fix the problem on his copy of Rage, but they made no difference. Hopefully a driver update will arrive shortly.

Tom Senior

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