Rage PC players experiencing laggy textures and low framerates

Complaints of severe texture pop-in, screen tearing and poor performance have erupted in the Rage Steam forums in the wake of its release earlier today. Players like commenter Kibayasu and Steam forumite Fusedcore have pointed us towards videos like the one above, showing some of the technical problems in action. Craig booted up Rage and experienced similar effects, including a low framerate and extremely laggy textures. Read on for a few of the fixes that fans have found so far.

A lack of vertical sync options and artefacts are a few of the other issues angering players. Those running an AMD card may benefit from installing the Rage AMD drivers , others can double check that Rage is caching correctly . Steam forum user Emox got better results after forcing v-sync and triple-buffering in his Nvidia drivers.

A few hours ago, John Carmack tweeted to say "everyone, make sure you have latest Nvidia/Ati drivers to play Rage!"

The game underneath all of the technical problems is rather good. You can read the PC Gamer verdict in our Rage review . Rich played Rage on a high end i7 machine at a review event, a common practice for big releases when the developers want to ensure that review code isn't leaked ahead of shipping date. His experience with the game was smooth: "The engine sometimes takes a few milliseconds to bring textures into focus if you spin around quickly, but the overall result is magnitudes prettier than other older-engine shooters," he says. Hopefully a post-release patch will arrive soon, bringing Rage up to scratch so we can get to the mutant shooting.

Tom Senior

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