Rage 2 release date revealed in a new 'open world' trailer

A new trailer for Bethesda's upcoming Rage 2 showed up at The Game Awards tonight, showcasing its strange, colorful, and extraordinarily chaotic open world.  

Unlike its predecessor, Rage 2 is strictly single-player, and it presents itself as a very different sort of over-the-top, gonzo experience: Less Mad Max and more, I don't know, pro wrestling, if it was mixed with Mad Max. It's set in a huge open world filled with vehicles, and as Bethesda emphasized during the E3 reveal, if you can see them, you can drive them, whether it's cars, monster trucks, or even Road Warrior-style gyrocopters. There are also guns—"big ass guns," as Bethesda put it.

Bethesda finally nailed down the release date tonight, too: Rage 2 is set to go live on May 14, 2019. It's up for preorder now at bethesda.net, and you can find out more about what's going in our hands-on preview that you can dive into here.

Andy Chalk

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