QuakeCon is going online in August

(Image credit: Bethesda)

QuakeCon 2020, which was set to take place in August, was cancelled back in March, but it looks like it's going to live on as an online event, QuakeCon at Home

With the coronavirus creating uncertainty about whether or not people would be able to attend the convention, and with it making planning one a big challenge, Bethesda said it was looking at other ways to "celebrate the spirit of QuakeCon." Today it revealed what shape it's taking. 

The specifics of the online convention will be announced later, but you can expect livestreams, tournaments, charity fundraising and, to keep you hooked, some "fun secrets." 

Unfortunately, the big bring-your-own-PC LAN party, one of the convention's highlights, isn't something that can really be replicated online, but maybe there will be some special online multiplayer events that we'll be able to dive into instead. 

QuakeCon at Home is taking place on August 7-9. 

Fraser Brown
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