Quake Champions trailer reveals its first champ, the stealthy assassin Nyx

Just one day after announcing the upcoming closed beta for the sort-of-new arena shooter Quake Champions, Bethesda has taken the wraps off the game's first champ. Nyx is all about speed and agility over raw power and toughness, and can harness the power of the sacred Fathom Orb to "Ghost Walk" invisibly past enemies. 

Ghost Walk renders Nyx briefly invisible and invulnerable, allowing her to either bypass threats, get away from a fight, or reach a better angle on the bad guys. With good timing and a spot of luck she can even telefrag her foes by reentering the arena inside of them, destroying them "from the inside out in a gory spray." She can also Wall Jump while Ghost Walking, doubling her jump distance (off of walls) without breaking her invisibility. 

The Quake Champions closed beta is set to get underway in the "coming weeks," and Nyx will be one of the playable champs when it does. More champions will be revealed over the next few months, beginning with the far more brutish-looking "Galactic Warlord" Scalebearer on March 15. Other details are also on the way, including a look at the first Arena, based on the "unholy Blood Covenant," which will be unveiled tomorrow. You can sign up to take part in the closed beta at quake.bethesda.net

Andy Chalk

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