PUBG teases new truck, exclusive to the desert map

When I visited PUBG's studios in South Korea in September, art director Tae-Seok Jang (he was, ironically, in the US at the time) told me via Skype that one of the features of PUBG's upcoming desert map would be a real difference between driving on roads and driving over unpaved terrain.

"But it really depends on which vehicle you have," he told me, "so you should be able to make a choice, which vehicle you prefer for your strategy. Like, some vehicles will be more optimized for clean roads, some will be more optimized for off-road driving."

We've just been teased with what definitely looks like an ideal off-road vehicle, and it's coming "soon" exclusively to PUBG's desert map. Data miners spotted a version of it few weeks ago (along with a jet ski) but it's looking a bit more polished and complete now, ready to be driven until you're drilled through the dome by a sick crossbow shot.

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I'm not much of a car guy—more of a TV guy—and this looks a bit like the GMC K-2500 Wideside from the 1980's action show The Fall Guy, about a stunt man (Lee Majors) turned bounty hunter (also Lee Majors). I'm guessing someone can correct me in the comments if it's a different kind of truck (perhaps Lee Majors himself). At any rate, it looks up to the task of some off-road action.

When will the new map and new truck (and new guns) actually arrive? Well, PUBG 1.0 is due out before the end of the year, so that leaves only about 4 weeks. We'll get a look at some gameplay of the new map during The Game Awards on December 7.

Christopher Livingston
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