PUBG announces 'periodically changing' custom game Event Mode, flare guns for incoming update

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting an Event Mode, which developer PUBG Corp describes as "a periodically changing preset Custom Game where we will be trying new things and experimenting with different game parameters." It sounds a bit like Fortnite's themed, limited-time offerings

But before we talk about that, let's talk about flare guns. "We would like to reveal one of the features that will be included in our next iteration," so reads this Steam Community update post ahead of the following image:

Flare guns. But what will they be used for? Alerting teammates to your location? Distracting enemies while your pals get the drop on 'em? Calling in supply drops? Questions, questions. 

Okay, back to the Event Mode. These unranked exhibitions will be experimental in nature (although will provide BP) and stand apart from public matches. Starting off simple, the new initiative's debut will boost squad numbers from four to eight and will double the drop rate of rifles.   

"Please keep in mind that the first iteration will only feature TPP on Erangel to ensure effective matchmaking," explains the developer. "Anyone who owns a copy of PUBG can enjoy the Event Mode. To play in the Event Mode, please use the relevant UI in the bottom left of the main menu."

No hard release date for any of this just yet, but PUBG Corp expects to move from test to live servers soon.