Profoundly wealthy rapper Drake gifted $7,000 gaming PC

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Drake, the world-famous recording artist who once solidified Fortnite's colossal popularity by playing live with Ninja, is still PC gaming. Though he's not so much into battle royale these days—lately, the rapper has taken interest in Twitch's gambling boom.

Four months ago, Drake started appearing in promotional videos and gambling livestreams for Stake, an online gambling platform that has also partnered with some of the biggest streamers on Twitch. One of those gambling streamers, Xposed, recently shelled out over $7,000 for a fancy custom-built PC of his own and decided to buy another one for Drake while he was at it.

The $7,400 custom PCs, assembled by Paradox Customs (which also built a PC for The Weeknd), are specced to the rafters:

  • RTX 3090Ti
  • Intel i9-12900KS 16 core processor
  • NZXT Kraken Z73 360MM liquid cooler
  • 64GB DDR5 RAM
  • 4TB NvME storage

Why such a generous gift? Other than the obvious promotional value of associating oneself with a famous rapper, Xposed says Drake's new PC is a make-good for the last time he was asked to help with Drake's streaming setup.

"It isn’t about the money or Drake already having money, [I'm seeing] a lot of hate," Xposed tweeted yesterday. "I was in the market for a PC so I decided to get Drake a custom PC too with it because when I got asked to setup his stream the first time I got him a prebuilt from Best Buy because it was short notice."

Xposed might be referring to Drake's recent sponsored gambling streams, of which I've only seen the highlights, but appear to feature Drake winning a lot of money and jumping for joy several times.

In any case, with PC specs that include RTX 3090Ti cards, Intel i9-12900KS 16 core CPUs, liquid cooling, and 4TB of NVME storage, the pair will certainly be well-equipped to open a web browser, load up virtual slots, and make high-stakes gambling look very cool and chill to all the teens watching on Twitch.

It's certainly an upgrade over what we know about Terry Crews' 2017 PC and Henry Cavill's 2020 build, which included GTX Titan XP and RTX 2080Ti cards, respectively.

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