Terry Crews gets a custom PC that houses an Old Spice roll-on

Over the last year or so former NFL linebacker Terry Crews has taken a shine to PC gaming. After building his own gaming PC, the actor was rumoured to be in-line for a role in Overwatch—to the point where he even held a mock audition for the shooter's Doomfist hero. Courtesy of PC Tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents, Crews now has a very powerful PC packed with state of the art hardware and, of course, Old Spice. 

Between limited edition Corsair RAM—Crews was sent number 94 of 500 as this was his number when drafted by the LA Rams in 1991—and new twin Titan X GPUs that were released just over a week ago, Crews' new rig packs a powerful punch. The colour scheme reflects his involvement with Old Spice, and there's even an Old Spice roll-on squeezed in there for effect.       

Here's JayzTwoCents' video with Crews' reaction in full:

Just when you thought Crews' enthusiasm towards PC gaming couldn't get any more adorable, his reaction to this unveiling is fantastic. Towards the video's end (around the 24-minute mark), Crews does a piece to camera wherein he explains what his newfound hobbyist interest means to him, describing his latest gift as "museum quality."