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The fact that Potion Craft has a map sounds silly until you start playing. And even after you get the gist, chasing all those potion effects across the map can be tricky through all the fog of war. I'm an obsessive map-clearer, so I invested early in increased visibility skills so I could uncover as much as possible. I don't have the entire map cleared, not by far, but I've got a healthy chunk of the early game revealed for you here to reference on your journey.

You may also be specifically looking for the sleep potion, strong potion, stone skin potion, and slow potion once you reach The Alchemist's Path: Chapter IV. You can spy all those effects on my map below. And if you want my recommended recipes for the tier three potions you need to craft Nigredo, you're welcome to them—just scroll a bit further.

Potion Craft map

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This is not the complete Potion Craft map, but it's what I've unlocked myself so far and it's a pretty hefty chunk of the early game. Your most commonly-requested potions from customers early on will likely be the health potion (heart symbol), poison (green dagger symbol), fire potion (red flame symbol), and the frost potion (snowflake symbol) that are all closest to your potion's starting position.

After that, you can start branching out to create multi-effect potions and more specialty brews that the locals ask for. There's a libido potion in the upper left section, for instance, an improved vision potion in the upper right, and growth potion in the lower right.

Aside from those, your first main goal will be to repair your alchemy machine and create the Nigredo crystal. To create Nigredo, you need:

  • Strong Potion of Stone Skin
  • Strong Potion of Sleep
  • Strong Potion of Poisoning
  • Strong Potion of Strength
  • Strong Potion of Slowness

I'll let you figure out the poison yourself as it's one of the first you brew in the early game and you should only need a bit of fiddling to create a third-tier version. The other four required potions for Nigredo are right here, with my suggestions on creating a strong version of each.

Sleep potion recipe

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You can find the sleep potion effect in the lower right quadrant, not too far past the frozen effect. The best Strong Potion of Sleep recipe is: 

  • 4x Waterbloom, 100% ground
  • 1x Terraria, 100% ground
  • 1x Lifeleaf, unground

Your recipe should look like the image above if you add every ingredient before you begin stirring. Be very precise as you near the end of this path. Make sure to stop stirring when your potion is just behind the sleep effect and slowly add water until you get the tier three symbol. 

Strength potion recipe

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The strength effect is directly south from your potion's starting point. This one is pretty cheap and easy to create, luckily. The best recipe for a Strong potion of Strength is:

  • 3x Terraria, 100% ground
  • 1x Terraria, unground

That will take your potion to just beneath the effect you're looking for; just a splash of water to achieve the third tier version of the potion.

You can also substitute a Mudshroom in this recipe to move downwards more efficiently than the three initial Terraria, but the shrooms are a bit pricey and I always find myself swimming in Terraria from my garden.

Stone skin potion recipe

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The stone skin effect is tucked behind a potion killing patch below the strong potion effect. You can combine several kinds of ingredients to dodge the danger area or use the nearby portal to carry you part of the way. By my measure so far, the best recipe for a Strong Potion of Stone Skin is:

  • 3x Terraria, 100% ground
  • 1x Waterbloom, 100% ground
  • Pump the bellows to activate the portal
  • 1x Firebell, 100% ground
  • 1x Terraria, unground

In the image above, you'll see the path I've charted after activating the portal. As with other third tier potions, be precise with your stirring and water as you get towards the end of this path.

Slow potion recipe

(Image credit: Niceplay Games)

The slow effect is even further beneath the stone skin, tucked beneath a crescent shape of potion killing patch. It's quite a journey, but I managed to keep my ingredient list under control. Here's the recipe for a Strong Slow Potion:

  • 2x Lifeleaf, 100% ground
  • 1x Druid's Rosemary, 100% ground
  • 1x Mudshroom, 100% ground
  • 1x Mudshroom, 62% ground
  • 1x Firebell, 22% ground

The grind percentages on this one are a bit tricky, but your path should look something like the image above before you begin stirring. To help course-correct yourself at the last minute, make sure to allow some extra Firebell path so that you can stir a bit between adding water to make sure you nail the third tier effect.

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