Potatoman Seeks the Troof has a trailer that has to be seen to be believed

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Potatoes. Potatoes? Potatoes. Potatoman Seeks The Troof (opens in new tab) is a game about potatoes. It's also a game about the 'troof', which I sincerely hope Potatoman can handle. In troof, it's a 2D platform game starring a stubby pink potato, accompanied by the most amazing trailer. Witness its sheer majesty after the break.

Normally, I hate so-called 'live-action' trailers, but I'll make an exception here, and not just because there's a bit of gameplay at the end. If the below...experience makes you want to buy the game, you can get it for $3; if it makes you want to buy potatoes, well you can find some at your local fruit and veg shop. Potatoman, however, is available in a variety of bundles (opens in new tab) , each more bundley than the last.

Pixeljam (opens in new tab) also made the scrumptious Dino Run, which comes as part of the two more fully featured packages. Anyway, enough preamble - here's spud in your eye. (Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun! (opens in new tab) )

Tom Sykes

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