Police Warfare Kickstarter seeks funds for cops vs. robbers FPS from former GTA, Crysis devs

Since Double Fine made a small fortune on Kickstarter, dozens of new projects have appeared asking for our hard earned cash. Some of the campaigns are interesting ideas backed by unproven teams, others, like the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter and the Double Fine adventure game drive, are driven by veteran teams going back to their roots.

Police Warfare is different. It's a large scale cops vs. robbers shooter inspired by HEAT, Battlefield 3 and GTA, built by a collection of developers that have worked on big titles like Far Cry 3, Gears of War, Crysis, Crysis 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4. Police Warfare's set up is simple. One team steps into the boots of an LA SWAT squad, the other into the sneakers of a bunch of armed robbers. Both have access to a collection of guns and copious amounts of ammo. Guess what happens next.

The early assets shown in the trailer above look pretty realistic, but the Kickstarter page highlights some of the more exotic weapons law enforcers will be able to use to stop rampaging criminals. As well as vehicles like choppers and armoured cars, they'll get taser guns, mines and small bomb disposal robots fitted with guns. There's also some promising talk about a system that allows players to "quickly and intuitively rappel from rooftop to ground zero, all while retaining full shooting controls on the way down." Much Rainbow Six has been played in the office, the idea of being able to smoothly jump into a rappell harness and drop on enemies' heads sounds most satisfying.

It's been in development for eight months already, but the developers have run out of money, and are turning to the community for help. Their Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise a hefty $325,000 over the course of the coming month, and there area some pretty tempting rewards on offer for the super-rich. Backers who donate $10k will get to "spend a full day suited up in real SWAT gear and learn the tactics used by todays foremost swat teams." That comes with firearms training from the law enforcement officers advising on the project.

Alternatively, you can always pledge the minimum $15, which will get you a copy of the game on release, and grant you access to multiplayer beta sessions and a place in the credits. Those who put up $100 will get access to a secret class and a unique weapons loadout that will remain exclusive to Kickstarter backers forever. 380 backers have already contributed $12,250 to the project. There are 32 days left to go. Thanks to Thomas M for the heads up.

Tom Senior

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