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Play with us! The PC Gamer Virtual LAN - Saturday, July 31


We like LAN parties. But we hate the massive cost of flying thousands of our readers out on a solid-steel dirigible or winged locomotive just so they can beat us at Team Fortress 2. It's expensive. So we thought: how can we host a kickass LAN party for any PC gamer that wants to join without (most) of the hard work? As with most of life's complex dilemmas, the answer was " The Internet ."

Beginning next Saturday at 12 PM Pacific (that's 3 PM Eastern), we're hosting PC Gamer's first Virtual LAN--a day-long binge of multiplayer games on our dedicated servers that you can join. Click within for a full schedule of what you can play with us.

pc gamer virtual lan

Virtual LAN general schedule:

12 - 2 PM: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (search "PC Gamer" in the B:BC2 server browser)

2 - 3 PM: Q&A with PC Gamer on our Ventrilo server

3 - 5 PM: League of Legends

5 - 7 PM: Team Fortress 2 (IP: Port: 27015)

7 - End: Free play

This schedule is just a base for what we'll be playing: we'll definitely be sprinkling in time with StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Left 4 Dead 2, ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, Alien Swarm and more as the day wears on. We'd also welcome you to use our Ventrilo server or Steam chat room for playing, or for setting up sessions in other games with fellow PC Gamer readers. Join our Ventrilo server here:

Ventrilo IP:

Port: 3796

We'll also be streaming gameplay and in-office footage of the event. Tune in to our Livestream channel during the event for a peek at intermittent intern abuse within the office and a gander at what we're playing.

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