Play with PC Gamer - Global Agenda Halloween event


Come play dress-up with the PC Gamer US editors in Global Agenda on Wednesday, October 27 , at 4PM PST and be one of the first to run through the new Halloween themed mission, Oasis Checkpoint of Doom.

Oasis Checkpoint is a Defense Raid mission where 10 players defend a facility from waves of NPC attackers. It's decorated with “tricks” and “treats” for the holiday event, lasting from October 27 through October 31. Learn more about Raid Defense in this developer video blog .

Players must be level 30 to be able to join in the raid.

Thirteen new Halloween-themed masks will be available as random drops in the Halloween mission, and the items range in rarity from Uncommon to Epic. Players who defeat the final boss will score an additional mask on top of the normal mission rewards.

Raid timers will be reduced from 80 minutes to 30 minutes during the event in order to allow more players a chance to do a mission with PC Gamer. All the seasonal items received during the event will be wearable until the end of November.

Register for your free trial account here. Trial accounts are only able to reach level 12, though, and a one-time purchase of Global Agenda($30) will be required to advance beyond the level cap.

We'll see you in game!