Play Umbrella Corps at the PC Gamer Weekender

Umbrella Corps

Yes, Umbrella Corps, the Resident Evil competitive shooter that neither science nor magic could have predicted. I've had a good time poking fun at the random assortment of concepts—I think we all have—but then Tom went and played it at PAX South and couldn't wait to play more. He discovered not just an unexpectedly competent shooter, but a compelling, fast-paced introduction to competitive team-based firefights in the vein of CS:GO. And now I'm curious.

If you feel the need to know how such a thing has come to exist and, more importantly, whether it really plays as well as Tom says, it'll be on our show floor at the PC Gamer Weekender in London's Old Truman Brewery from March 5-6.

Umbrella Corps joins a legion of 2016's biggest games that will be available to play before release, such as the haunting Dark Souls 3 (look, new trailer!) and revolutionary Worlds Adrift. That's in addition to hardware masterclasses and appearances by veteran developers.

Better still, we have a limited number of tickets at only £10. You can book and find the full schedule here. See you soon!