Mod, build and overclock at the PC Gamer Weekender workshop

Pcgw Workshops

The PC Gamer Weekender isn't just about new and upcoming games (though there will be loads of those). We've teamed up with Asus to set up a PC gaming hardware workshop. Each day will be packed with interactive that can take you through everything from PC building basics to efficient overclocking.

If you want a break from tinkering, check out our case mod showcase, showing off the most inventive PC mods we can find. Alternatively, watch our experts face of in a speed building competition in an attempt to build a powerful (and hopefully functional) PC in the shortest time possible. Sessions are run on a first-come first-served basis, and included in the ticket price. You can see the full schedule on the PC Gamer Weekender site.

As well as our busy hardware zone, our gaming floor will be full of PCs hosting playable builds of all sorts of exciting games. Fancy a swing at the deadly Dancer of the Frigid Valley in Dark Souls 3? Want to go a few rounds against fellow visitors in Street Fighter 5? We've got you covered. There will even be tournaments, developer stages, and we'll be there too, so challenge us to a round of SF5 why not.

Tickets are available, and if you book now, you'll save money on the door price.


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