Julian Gollop confirmed for the PC Gamer Weekender

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Julian Gollop

Julian Gollop has been designing games since 1982, and has worked on Chaos, Rebelstar, Laser Squad, and much more.

We're delighted to announce that the revered designer Julian Gollop will be attending the PC Gamer Weekender in March to share wisdom from his 30+ year career in game development.

The designer of Laser Squad, UFO: Enemy Unknown and Chaos Reborn will appear on our developer stages at the Old Truman Brewery as part of our two-day live event. What does he think of the evolution of XCOM since UFO? What has it been like founding Snapshot and building Chaos Reborn in the Kickstarter era, and what's next for the veteran designer? Find out from the man himself.

Julian joins Paradox and loads of soon-to-be-announced guests. Expect demonstrations of exciting upcoming games and insight into the game development process from the talented individuals behind the games we love.

We hope our stages will be a fun way to bring players and developers together, but there's lots more to enjoy at the Weekender, including a gaming zone full of dozens of new and upcoming games to play. We're also running PC workshops in our hardware zone, and drop-in tournaments where you can test your skills and win prizes.

Join us! For more information check out the PC Gamer Weekender site, and book now to save money on the door price. See you there!


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