Play fast on this 27-inch curved 1440p FreeSync Premium monitor, on sale for just $280

Play fast on this 27-inch curved 1440p FreeSync monitor, on sale for just $280
Save $40 on Gigabyte's G27QC with a 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh rate. (Image credit: Gigabyte)

Since you will be staring at your monitor the entire time you play on your PC (save for VR gaming), you want to make sure the one you buy is a quality model. To that end, Gigabyte's G27QC is a curved version of the G27Q, which we rank as the best gaming monitor for FreeSync gameplay, and you can grab it for $279.99 right now.

That is the price after a $20 mail-in-rebate. Even without the rebate, you're still coming in $20 below MSRP, but you can double the savings by taking a moment to fill out the necessary paperwork and mailing it into Gigabyte.

A Fast FreeSync Pr...

Gigabyte G27QC 27-Inch Monitor | 1440p | 165Hz | FreeSync Premium | $319.99 $279.99 at Newegg (save $40)
We love the flat version of this display, and the curved model offers many of the same features, including a fast refresh rate and FreeSync Premium support. Be sure to fill out the mail-in-rebate for the full discount.

It's worth the hassle for an all-around excellent display. Built for fast-paced gameplay, this 27-inch monitor sports a VA panel with a 2560x1440 resolution, 165Hz refresh refresh rate, and 1ms response time (MPRT).

This is a FreeSync Premium display as well, meaning in addition to supporting FreeSync to keep the action fluid and tear-free, it also supports low frame compensation. The benefit of LFC is FreeSync sticks when the framerate drops below the display's minimum refresh rate.

You get HDR support here as well, though with a 250 nits typical brightness rating, I wouldn't let that bullet point drive your decision. More useful are the ergonomic features—it has a height adjustable stand (130mm) and a tilt range of -5 to 20 degrees.

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