Play a traveling painter in the beautiful open world of Eastshade, coming in February

I first heard about Eastshade back in 2016, and the idea sounded immediately appealing: wander a gorgeous open world as a traveling painter, completing landscape paintings at the behest of NPCs. Originally planned for a 2017 release, it's obviously been delayed a touch, but it'll finally grace our monitors on February 13. Check out the new trailer above.

While you don't physically stand there with a brush painting your masterworks (for that you might want to check out Passpartout), you do pick your spot and canvas size, and compose your framing. So really, it's more like taking photos, which is a splendidly enjoyable thing to do in games, especially in games that look as lovely as Eastshade.

There are NPCs to meet and talk to, and as you complete painting commissions for them you'll learn more of their stories and uncover some of Eastshade's secrets. You can learn more on the Steam store page.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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