Pick up this XPS Tower with a GTX 1660 for less than $700 from Dell

Dell XPS Tower
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Looking for a cheap gaming desktop deal? Dell's had a recent string of killer deals on a number of their desktops and laptops. This XPS Tower normally goes for $1,099.99, but Dell is slashing the price down to $685, courtesy of this killer coupon code: XPSDTAFF0. That's a $400 savings for a solid 1080p budget system.

The XPS Tower has an Intel Core i5-9400, 8GB RAM (upgradable to 64 GB), 1TB HDD, and a GTX 1660—a nice build for budget gamers who still want the room to upgrade. You can play all your favorite games in 1080p at medium presets without major issues. A larger SSD instead of the 256GB one in the build would have been great, but for under $700 that's still a good list of components.

What we like about the XPS Tower is how upgrade friendly it is. It uses a swing-out power supply (meaning it literally swings out of the case) that lets you easily upgrade your rig without any tools, and with enough room if you want to upgrade to one of the best graphic cards.  (opens in new tab)

Dell XPS Tower | GTX 1660 | $685 (save $400) (opens in new tab)

Dell XPS Tower | GTX 1660 | $685 (save $400) (opens in new tab)
This XPS Tower with a GTX 1660 is a great, cheap gaming desktop for 1080p gameplay. Make sure to use coupon code XPSDTAFF0 at checkout. 

At this price, you can easily upgrade this rig with more RAM or a newer, better graphics card with the money you save for Black Friday. We will be painstakingly tracking all the best deals.

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