Phanteks renames Luxe 2 case to avoid confusion with Thermaltake’s mobile brand

Phanteks Enthoo 719
(Image credit: Phanteks)

If you are on the hunt for an Enthoo Luxe 2 PC case from Phanteks, be advised that the name has changed. It's now listed as the Enthoo 719. Phanteks made the name change to appease Thermaltake, who apparently felt the Luxe 2 could be confused with its Luxa 2 (stylized as "LUXA2") brand.

I wasn't even aware that a Luxa 2 brand existed. A quick web search reveals it's Thermaltake's mobile accessories brand, and that I've missed its presence for a decade (it was founded in 2009). It's actually a fairly extensive lineup, consisting of charging cables, phone cases, car mounts for smartphones, and a bunch of other stuff.

According to TechPowerUp, Phanteks received a letter from Thermaltake about its Luxe 2 case being too similar to its Luxa 2 brand. Even though Phanteks "strongly disagrees," it decided a name change this was too silly to squabble over, and renamed its case.

"We would like to move on and spend less time on this matter and concentrate more on creating innovating products for our users. Thank you for understanding," Phanteks said in a statement.

Other than the name, the Enthoo 719 is the exact same case as the Luxe 2—no physical changes have been made. Since there was no Luxe 2 branding on the case itself, it's not likely vendors will look to unload inventory when Black Friday deals roll into view. Instead, product listings have been updated to reflect the new name, even when using an old URL (as is the case at Newegg).

There is a bit of irony in all this, in that a few years ago Legit Reviews posted a comparison of several Thermaltake products with very similar designs to the competition. That's fairly common in the PC sector, but also fair game to bring up in these situations.

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