PC Gamer US April 2015 issue: Just Cause 3

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With so many features packed into the latest issue of PC Gamer US, something was bound to burst out. And wouldn't you know it, it's Rico Rodriguez! The protagonist of that most video games of video games, Just Cause 3, is also the cover star of our April issue. Andy grappled into Avalanche HQ and nabbed all the info he could find about the absurd action sequel, turning that intel into our 8-page lead feature.

We didn't stop there. Also in this issue: Joe Donnelly talks to the makers of Enderal, the most ambitious Skyrim mod to-date; Andy experiences the Dark-Souls-meets-Shadow-of-Colossus world of Titan Souls; Evan checks out the rats of Warhammer Vermintide; and Joe Skrebels takes a fresh look at Battlefield: Hardline. Video games!

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This month we...

  • Experience the audacious action of Just Cause 3.
  • Catch up with the progress of The Witcher 3, Magicka 2, Cities: Skylines, Heroes of the Storm, Grand Ages: Medieval, Project CARS, and H1Z1.
  • Interview the creators of ambitious Skyrim mod Enderal: The Shards of Order.
  • Check out rat co-op in Warhammer Vermintide.
  • Play cops and robbers with Battlefield: Hardline.
  • Experience the beautiful, boss-filled world of Titan Souls.
  • Review Elite: Dangerous, Grey Goo, Grim Fandango Remastered, Resident Evil HD Remaster, Scrolls, and Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell.
  • Shout "MOTHERBOARDS!" while testing lots of motherboards.
  • Ask Sam what he's doing to that orc in Now Playing.
  • Wonder how much more we can fit into a single issue of a magazine.
  • Do the Top 10 Free Downloads.
  • Find out what Heartstone's been up to since launch.
  • Revisit Dead Space, and then writes about Dead Space, and then somehow find room to print it in this issue.
  • More, too. Did we really make this thing in three weeks? What were we thinking?

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