PC Gamer UK's Minecraft server is still going strong; take a look inside

As of last month, Minecraft had sold 15 million copies . That's a lot of people scrabbling around in the dirt to hastily construct a ramshackle hut. At least, that's what I tell myself to feel slightly better about my own inability to build anything good. For those occasions I do want to see spectacular outpourings of creativity, I like to visit the PC Gamer UK server. It's a wonderland of architectural amazement, and has recently received an updated trailer from community member Radio Thax .

Once inside, make sure you check out the rules—but otherwise you're free to explore, chat, and even start working on your own contribution.

For more information, hop on over to the PCG Minecraft community site . To join the server, open a direction connection to

Server Banner

If you'd just like to see more sights, head on over to the PCG UK Minecraft gallery .

Phil Savage

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