PC Gamer UK September issue: Dragon Age – Inquisition

Every year, PC Gamer's global team are locked into a inescapable hell-world of their own creation. It is a time of pain, of suffering and of brutal, violent arguments about whether Doom 3 is better than No One Lives Forever 2. We call this waking nightmare The PC Gamer Top 100, and we've only gone and done it again. You'll find this mega-list inside the September issue of PC Gamer UK, on sale now. We're sorry that [INSERT GAME HERE] didn't make it to [INSERT POSITION HERE].

With the list done, Evan escaped into a fantasy world of Bioware's making. Our cover feature this month is Dragon Age: Inquisition. We get exclusive access to the RPG sequel, and see how its makers plan to once again reinvent the RPG genre. Meanwhile, Sam, Chris, Tom, Phil and Ben sign up for even more punishment—this time at the hands of Andy in Arma 3's Zeus DLC. As well as a great story, their adventures produced one of our silliest photoshoots in some time.

Ruddy hell, there's more! This month, we're giving readers a Steam key for Shattered Haven , Arcen's chilling game of environmental puzzles and survival. The issue, which is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines . Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store , Google Play , and Zinio , and you can subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Read on for a look at the subs cover, and a round-up of the features to be found in issue 269.

This month we...

  • Bring you a new, hotly debated, PC Gamer Top 100.

  • Get an extensive hands-on with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Take on Zeus Andy in Arma 3, and also force Andy to dress up like this .

  • Preview Homefront: The Revolution, Hunt, Pillars of Eternity, Batman: Arkham Knight, Dreadnought, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Lords of the Fallen.

  • Review Sniper Elite 3, Grid Autosport, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Valiant Hearts, Spintires, Shovel Knight, Divinity: Original Sin, Xenonauts, Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front and Sunless Sea.

  • Group test Intel 9-series motherboards in The Hard Stuff.

  • Become massive space-jerks in Now Playing.

  • Reference Swedish electronica in the Top 10 Downloads.

  • Return to the slammer for a Prison Architect update.

  • Take another trip through Hellgate: London.

  • Catch up with Chris's quest to master Blade Symphony.

Until next month...

Phil Savage

Phil has been writing for PC Gamer for nearly a decade, starting out as a freelance writer covering everything from free games to MMOs. He eventually joined full-time as a news writer, before moving to the magazine to review immersive sims, RPGs and Hitman games. Now he leads PC Gamer's UK team, but still sometimes finds the time to write about his ongoing obsessions with Destiny 2, GTA Online and Apex Legends. When he's not levelling up battle passes, he's checking out the latest tactics game or dipping back into Guild Wars 2. He's largely responsible for the whole Tub Geralt thing, but still isn't sorry.