PC Gamer UK Podcast 55 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution interview special

Welcome to Episode 55 of the PC Gamer UK podcast. For this interview special, Tim is joined in the studio by Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jonathan Jacques Belletete for an in depth chat about the sequel, and all things Deus Ex.

For our audio impressions of the first ten hours of the game, check out our Deus Ex: Human Revolution impressions podcast , or our three diaries, The Psychopath , The Hacker and The Thinker .

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Tom Senior

Part of the UK team, Tom was with PC Gamer at the very beginning of the website's launch—first as a news writer, and then as online editor until his departure in 2020. His specialties are strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.