PC Gamer UK October issue: Metro Exodus

The Metro series has always been a bit out there, what with its irradiated mutants, post-apocalyptic underground sprawl, and Red Line communist regime. But its latest entry, Metro Exodus, actually goes out there—venturing out into the great outdoors for the first time. We sent Tom to talk with 4A Games about Metro's wildest ride yet for this month's cover story.

Elsewhere, we sent Pip back into orbit via Hello Games. There, she asked Sean Murray whether or not No Man's Sky's launch is still relevant to the game that exists today. Fraser investigates Eugen Systems' Steel Division 2; while James goes head-to-head with Monster Hunter: World. Was the PC port worth the wait? Find out inside. 

Previews this month include Desperados 3, Zone of the Enders 2, Night Call and many more. Reviews this month include Dead Cells, Overcooked 2, and The Banner Saga 3 among loads of others. This issue's gifts include a free Warframe gift pack AND a 32-page Fortnite supplement. Here's the latter's cover:

Issue 322 is on shelves now and available on all your digital devices from Google Play, the App Store and Zinio. You can also order direct from My Favourite Magazines or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, receive monthly deliveries and marvel at our exclusive subscriber covers. This month's is great:  

This month: 

  • Tom heads to the great outdoors in Metro Exodus.
  • Pip chats to Sean Murray about the evolution of No Man's Sky.
  • Fraser storms the front lines in Steel Division 2.
  • James captures prey in Monster Hunter: World.
  • Desperados 3, Zone of the Enders 2, Night Call and more previewed.
  • Dead Cells, Overcooked 2, The Banner Saga 3 and more reviewed.
  • Our Fortnite supplement.
  • Our monitors group test.
  • And much more!
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