PC Gamer UK June issue: Empire of Sin

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For June's issue of PC Gamer, we get cosy with Capone in Empire of Sin, go head-to-head with the Nemesis in our Resident Evil 3 review, finally get to play Mount & Blade 2 in Early Access after eight years of waiting, and explore the secrets of the PC classic System Shock 2. 

This month's cover feature is the slick gangster strategy game Empire of Sin. We chatted with game director Brenda Romero and the team about crime in the 1920s before being let loose on Chicago to create a criminal empire. 

We've also got a behind the scenes look at System Shock 2, as legendary developer Jonathan Chey chats with us about the defining immersive sim. Then there's our feature on how DLC can give players closure after playing the base game. It's a bulky read with writers from Frostpunk, Metro Exodus, and Mass Effect 3 giving their insight into their game's DLC.

Alongside Capone's cars and cigars, we have a bunch of previews including Mount & Blade 2 Early Access (finally!) Wasteland 3, Spacebase Startopia, A Monster's Expedition, Iron Harvest, Rock of Ages 3 and more. 

For reviews, we've got a great mix of games. First is the Resident Evil 3 remake where Andy explores if Capcom has continued their successes of remakes after the superb remake of Resident Evil 2. We also delve into the action multiplayer Bleeding Edge, explore an alien ocean in underwater indie game In Other Waters, become royalty in troubling times in Yes, Your Grace, and try not to panic in lockdown in the live-action adventure The Complex. 

In hardware, the team have been busy testing the best cooling systems for PCs. For those with high-end CPUs and power supplies, keeping your build cool is vital. With all that power, your PC is going to heat up quickly and having a decent CPU cooler will get your kit up to speed. The tech report this month explores gaming on quantum computers and we have our updated buyer's guide on building the perfect PC that matches your budget. 

This month's magazine gift is a free digital download of the PC Gamer 2020 Annual. This annual is a 164-page collection of the best features, stories, and Extra Life articles from the magazine. We sell this special annual through MyFavouriteMagazines for £13 but you can get it for free with this issue.

Issue 344 is available on all your digital devices from the App Store and Zinio. You can also order directly from MyFavouriteMagazines or purchase a subscription to save yourself some cash, receive monthly deliveries and marvel at our exclusive subscriber covers.  

(Image credit: Future)

This month:

  • Doing crimes in Empire of Sin
  • Jonathan Chey chats about behind-the-scenes of System Shock 2
  • Previews for Mount & Blade II, Wasteland 3, Iron Harvest, A Monster's Expedition, and more!
  • Resident Evil 3, Bleeding Edge, In Other Waters, Yes, Your Grace, and more reviewed
  • Our CPU cooler test group with the hardware team
  • And more!
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