PC Gamer UK June issue: Dawn of War 3

My my, do we have a treat for neglected RTS fans—it's only the world exclusive feature for Dawn of War 3! Relic is back where it belongs, taking scalps in the 40K universe. And that's not all the Warhammer we have it store: within these fair pages you can uncover the origins of upcoming 40K shooter Eternal Crusade.

Suffering from war exhaustion? No problem. Our Mirror's Edge preview showcases the best in running and jumping, while an in-depth on Morrowind's reincarnation in Skyrim is bound to get your nostalgia glands quivering.

Issue 292 is on the shelves of quality newsagents now, available at My Favourite Magazines, or you can pick up a digital copy in keeping with the sci-fi theme. Once they update, the App Store, Google Play and Zinio can channel PC Gamer direct to your devices. Heresy, I call it. 

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This month:

  • Tom ships off to Canada for the world-first look inside Dawn of War 3
  • We catch up with the project to rebuild Morrowind in the Skyrim engine
  • EVE's wars untangled
  • The origins of Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade uncovered
  • Monitor supertest: curved? OLED? 4K? We make the call
  • 33 pages of reviews