PC Gamer UK February issue: Total War: Warhammer

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Issue 288 is ringing in the PC gaming new year with an exhaustive cover feature on Creative Assembly's Warhammer crossover. Dan Griliopoulos broke out the thumbscrews and bright lights for the inside take on Total War: Warhammer to headline our 15 games you must play this year, putting the trickle of videos they've been feeding us in context. 2015 was a strong year for PC gaming, and judging by our selection of the biggest games to come, it's on course for a streak.

With the temperature starting to plunge at last, it felt appropriate to have something wintry lined up. We considered shipping Andy to the Arctic for some embedded journalism (the Finns do it all the time) but his passport went missing after the feature meeting before mysteriously turning up in the shredder. We had him interview Hinterland on the making of The Long Dark instead.

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This month's highlights include:

  • A massive Total War: Warhammer interview
  • The biggest games of 2016
  • The pre-history of Far Cry Primal
  • Making The Long Dark
  • James Davenport fighting with Rainbow Six Siege
  • Nvidia and AMD face off in our graphics card test
  • The Spy eyes up Kojima Productions
  • Phil argues that a new engine isn't the thing for Fallout 4

Until next time!