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Finnish devs attempt extreme game jam

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Once upon a time, the challenge of creating a game in a weekend was enough for game jammers, but the Finns refer to this as 'easy mode'. Each year, to coincide with the Global Game Jam (opens in new tab), Finnish participants (opens in new tab) do something daft, like developing on a moving bus (normal mode). For the 2016 Jam, January 29-31, 20 developers will be trekking out to a cabin in the Arctic Circle. There is no internet, no running water, no reliable supply of electricity. And let's not forget what the Finns refer to as 'kaamos': 24-hour polar night (opens in new tab). Details, right?

The jam has been dubbed 'Survival (opens in new tab) Mode', but to ease their burden, devs will have access to a sauna (because this is Finland we're talking about) and a pool—cut through the ice.

Kuuasema, Frogmind Games, Mindfield Games, Moido Games, and are the studios dispatching employees to Lapland to take part in a process I'm calling 'corporate restructuring'.