PC Gamer UK December issue: Oculus Rift

PC Gamer has been finding its way into the hands of PC gaming fans for twenty years now, but why look back when the future is so exciting? The cover line on our anniversary issue mirrors the one that appeared on PC Gamer issue one: "this is the future of PC games". Within, we take a good, long look at the Oculus Rift and speak to developers about the amazing possibilities of the next twenty years of PC gaming.

There's plenty more, of course. You can expect just as much coverage of the best and brightest in PC gaming right now. We venture beyond the borders of Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online, explore Ubisoft's ambitious shooter MMO, The Division and give away a load of free stuff, including the Indie Royale Bundle, a free copy of indie shooter, Really Big Sky, exclusive access to the Panzer General Online beta and a free plane for War Thunder. The issue is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines . Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store , Google Play , and Zinio , and you can subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Read on for a look at the subs cover, and a round-up of the features in issue 259.

This month we...

  • Dive face-first into the Oculus Rift and talk to its developers about the potential of virtual reality.
  • Interview indie developers, AAA studio heads, writers, critics and business people about the future of gaming.
  • Hoist the mainsail in assassination/buccaneering sim, Assassin's Creed 4 in our preview section, stay low and quiet in Thief, go high and loud in WarThunder and IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad and juggle formations in Football Manager 14. Then we torture some citizens in space colony sim, Maia and soaking up the ambience in Child of Light.
  • Investigate the Khajiit homeland in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Examine the broken streets of New York City in Ubi's intriguing online shooter, The Division.
  • Review Arma 3, Rayman Legends, Card Hunter, Rise of Venice, Divekick, Fifa 14, Brothers, Hammerwatch, Memoria, King of Fighters, Skullgirls, Ironclad Tactics, Guacamelee, Race the Sun and Final Fantasy 14 before recommending whether or not you should bother buying into Godus in our early access review.
  • Pit Jon Blythe and former They're Back veteran John Walker against one another in a special edition of They're Back.
  • Return to Battlefield 3 to see how more than a year of updates has affected the game.
  • Recount tales of our gaming adventures circa 1993 in Then Playing.
  • Rigorously asses the current flock of motherboards in the hardware supertest and offer a quick and easy guide to overclocking for the uninitiated.

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