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This week on the PC Gamer forums, our latest giveaway launches, the community chats about Watch Dogs Legion, consoles to buy this holiday season, and the expensive hardware we’ve broken—oops. 

Going into the holiday season, the PC Gamer community starts to buzz. Sure, everyone is trying to figure out what—or if—they should buy for either themselves or some other gamer in their lives. But, we’re also getting a bit nostalgic thinking about some of the expensive tech we’ve ruined. And, if you’re in a slightly more constructive mood, how do you feel about building an entire space station?

Here are this weeks thread discussions:

What expensive hardware have you ruined? 

We hate to bring up bad memories. That is, unless they have to do with pricey tech you’ve ruined. Then we’re definitely interested. Jody’s latest Weekend Question focuses on your most high-priced hardware hiccups. You’ve got the weekend to share your stories, but we’ve already got a scorcher to start. 

I got my first rig around the time Morrowind released. It was a Medion from the Aldi (for those in Europe) so it wasn't special, it did not even have the revolutionary shiny realistic water stuff in Morrowind.

Anyway, I played a lot of Europa Universalis II at the time. Because I was looking for something new for my next playthrough I at one point decided to let the game run at max speed for a couple of hours, while I was doing some other stuff downstairs. That would give me a random start I didn't play yet, so I thought.

Instead, when I returned, I found my monitor frozen, the PC not responding and some stuff inside fried. I used all my expert computer skills I had at the time (cntrl alt esc, alt f4, repeat) but my first desktop couldn't be reanimated.Scaramouche

Get your answers in at this thread.

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Grab 3 months free access to Dual Universe!

The forums are hosting another giveaway! This time, the grand prize is three months of free access to Dual Universe, a Sci-Fi MMORPG that features a player-driven economy, politics, trade, and warfare. With players sharing a single persistent world, this space-themed Metaverse allows participants to mould it as they see fit.  

We have 50 beta keys to give away that grant 3 months of access to PC Gamer members. These are first-come, first-served, so hurry and grab yours now!

For more information on how to enter, head over to the thread

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Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion has been out for a little while now, meaning folks have had time to digest it a bit. Rynwar thinks it's fine but wonders what the community thinks. While it isn’t a disastrous release, some players were left underwhelmed. 

I really can't stand this whole rotating roster of characters idea that this one and a couple other games have come up with. It goes a long way to keep me from feeling any real connection or care about any of the characters. The gameplay is a little repetitive and largely uninteresting to me, the upgrade paths seem kind of boring, and the story doesn't really grab me at all. I'm probably going to uninstall it once AC comes out.drunkpunk 

There's a lot of game design decisions Ubisoft has been making lately that are not to my liking. What I find off putting about Legion is they're taking what once was a serious game about a guy fighting against a big tech corporation, and turning it into a corny, tongue and cheek comedy. I don't want a game that has tons of characters, including some that are clearly more for comedy than anything, like a guy wearing a pig's head mask, or a grandma.Frag Maniac 

 Here’s the full thread. 

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Are you buying any new consoles? 

It’s one of the more expensive times of the year.  For most of us, at least part of that expense is going to be gaming related. For DXCHASE, the new Xbox Series X is tempting. And yet, there’s something to be said of sticking to old faithful. 

You can read PCG's take on both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X over on the website but what does our community think?

No plans on buying a console. I'm a hardcore PC fan. There are multiple reasons I prefer PCs over consoles from which the most important are backward compatibility and controls (nothing beats a keyboard and mouse). Besides that I did a PC upgrade a few weeks ago. There was a great deal on RTX 2070 Super and I decided to get it. We'll see what will be the performance of RTX 3060 Ti, but nevertheless I'm not planning to regret my purchase, because it's even more than I need at the moment.Sarafan

I used to get consoles and plop them in front of my exercise bike. I've still got an XBox 360 and PS2 in working order down there but haven't bought a new console since then. Instead, I just read while I exercise these days. (Probably for the best. When I got to a hill on the bike, my reaction time would get bad!)Zloth

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