PC Gamer Club Legendary members get a Steam key for Sunless Sea this month

Sunless Skies, Failbetter's space-based follow-up to Sunless Sea, leaves Early Access on 31st of January. Why not prepare for this gothic horror roleplaying game by sampling its predecessor? This month, all PC Gamer Club members who have joined at the Legendary tier will get a Steam key for the game, courtesy of developer Failbetter Games.

Set in the same Victorian Gothic world as the studio’s earlier project, Fallen London, Sunless Sea lets you pursue your own ambitions on the terrifying waters of the Unterzee. 

Transport decaying Tomb-Colonists to the creepy settlement of Venderbight. Discover strange ports and weird zee-bound curios, like a colony of cranky monkeys or a lilypad- encrusted floating prison. Or double down on that mission to spread fungus while enjoying a sideline smuggling sunlight. Wherever you choose to focus your zee-faring efforts, you’ll be rewarded with strange and rich fiction. 

You can join the PC Gamer Club here. Sunless Skies is shaping up to be one of early 2019's most exciting games—you can find out more about it here. Here's how Pip described it in the magazine last year: "As a general sense of Sunless Skies, the game feels like it's on the right track. The developers have clearly learned from Sunless Sea feedback and adjusted the core loops without losing what was magical about the Fallen London universe."

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