Payday 2 update adds Infamy end-game content for dedicated players

Veteran Payday 2 players will know that at a certain level—it happened to me around level 70 or so—you've unlocked all the guns you want and maxed out the essential skills. From there on, the game is still fun, but there's not much left to do. There's even less to do after devoted heisters to grind to level 100. Well, no more—the latest Payday 2 update adds an option to reset your skills and levels, start over, and become Infamous.

“Maybe it's time to call it quits,” the official update page reads. “Maybe start looking at that retirement plan. Maybe settle down somewhere quiet, raise cattle, play poker on Wednesdays. Get a dog. Sound like fun? We didn't think so.”

The setup is familiar to Call of Duty players who reset their levels to get prestige points: you lose your level 100 rating, all of your skill points, and access to your arsenal of modded guns. The guns won't go anywhere, but you won't be able to use them until you've leveled up again. You'll also have to pay out $200 million from your off-shore account, the criminals' piggy bank inside the Payday 2 universe.

What do you get? Well, bragging points and a new goal for the game, mostly. You'll also get infamy points that will unlock certain perks, skills, and decorations that haven't been named yet. For the more casual players, like me, it sounds like a lot of grinding and not that much fun. For die-hard Payday 2 players, it's new end-game content that will keep the community alive while Overkill continues to update the game over the next two years .