Payday 2 gets free DLC for Christmas, more content over next 20 months

Payday 2 continues to crank out content for fans, including this week's Christmas DLC—dubbed Charlie Santa Heist—which went out free to all players on Monday. To celebrate, Overkill released a surprisingly affecting trailer, assembled from the point of view of a 911 call, cell phone camera footage, and news helicopters.

Developer David Goldfarb confirmed on Twitter that the Christmas heist is a permanent addition to the game, and just this morning publisher 505 Games announced that Payday 2 will continue to get new missions and updates for the next 20 months—more content that 505 will pay $6 million to fund.

A special bonus in this video is the scrolling news ticker, hiding such gems as “Are silenced grenades now a reality? Scientist Dr. Sandroff thinks research team has it figured out” and “Game company release free content, internet users furious.” Come for the gritty crime horror, stick around for Payday's trademark blend of chaos and winking, anarchist humor.

Players should have received the update in their Steam accounts on Monday. We also spoke to Goldfarb recently about Overkill's plans for its online community.