Payday 2 sells 1.58 million copies, 80 percent of sales were digital

Starbreeze has announced that Payday 2 , which was profitable before it released , has moved a cool 1.58 million copies since its release last month.

Interestingly enough, 80 percent of those sales were through digital downloads as opposed to boxed retail copies. That number might not sound surprising to us PC gamers, but keep in mind those sales numbers include console sales as well. So either most people bought the PC version, or gamers as a whole are slowly but surely taking their business to the digital market. Either way, 505 Games and Starbreeze made enough cash to probably fill several large duffel bags—teaching us that you don't make money by robbing banks, but by getting others to rob them for you.

We enjoyed shuffling our fingers through stacks of non-sequential bills in Payday 2, but grew frustrated with how slowly the game doled out the weapons and perks needed to become a valuable asset. Here's hoping the wait time for new gear is reduced in the year of updates Payday 2's getting.