Payday 2 adds Jimmy: your new, free psychopath

Payday Hardcore Henry Packs

Payday 2 has a new character to play as, totally free: Jimmy, played by one Sharlto Copley*. It’s all a tie-in with Hardcore Henry, the first-person action film that stars Copley and a bunch of other folks.

Overkill has put together a neat little mini-site for Jimmy, where you can find out all about the innocent little guy — he's not that innocent — and listen to some of Copley’s lines you’re sure to hear a lot of in the game proper.

You can also get more details on his Maniac perk — a team shield awarded for inflicting constant damage — and Jimmy’s weapons, a pair of SMGs and close-up knives.

To celebrate the release of the Hardcore Henry tie-in stuff, there’s also been this trailer... well, I say ‘trailer’, I mean mini-movie. And to be honest, I’ll watch anything with Copley in it, the man’s brilliant.

Jimmy will be followed by some Hardcore Henry-themed heists on March 31, also for free.

*He's the guy from District 9, The A-Team, Elysium, Chappie, all that good stuff.