Watch live from PAX East 2020

PAX East is happening right now, and PC Gamer isn't just there to wander the halls, sniffing out rad computer games from the future. This year, we've partnered with PAX to stream from the event on Friday and Saturday (February 28 & 29). 

Between 11:00 am ET to 4:30 pm ET each day, PC Gamer and our friends at GamesRadar will be chatting developers about some exciting upcoming games, from the gorgeous bird-fight epic The Falconeer to the medieval beheading simulator Chivalry 2. 

Catch the show right here or on our Twitch and YouTube channels, and scan the schedule below for the full list of games and show times. 

When to watch: 

All listed times are Eastern (ET). 

Friday, February 28

11:00 AM - PC Gamer - Industries of Titan
11:30 AM - PC Gamer - Our favorite games of PAX East
12:00 PM - PC Gamer - The Falconeer
12:30 PM - PC Gamer - Hardspace: Shipbreaker
2:00 PM - Games Radar - Cloudpunk
2:30 PM - Games Radar - Moving Out
3:00 PM - Games Radar - Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy
3:30 PM - Games Radar - Red Lantern
4:00 PM - Games Radar - A chat with the Borderlands 3 devs

Saturday, February 29

11:00 AM - Games Radar - GTFO
11:30 AM - Games Radar - Maneater
12:00 PM - Games Radar - Boyfriend Dungeon
12:30 PM - Games Radar - Felicia Day with The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk
2:00 PM - PC Gamer - GTFO
2:30 PM - PC Gamer - Chivalry 2
3:00 PM - PC Gamer - Treachery in Beatdown City
3:30 PM - PC Gamer - Disintegration
4:00 PM - PC Gamer - Kerbal Space Program 2

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