Darksiders owners can upgrade to the Warmastered Edition for free today

The Darksiders Warmastered Edition is out, and that happy news brings with it a brace of trailers and a nice surprise: Owners of the original Darksiders on Steam or GOG will automatically be upgraded to the remastered version. The price isn't quite so good if you own the original retail release of the game, but there's still a good deal on the table. It's available for 80 percent off until December 2, which drops it to just $3 on GOG.   

Darksiders tells the tale of War, the coolest of the Four Horsemen, as he quests to prove that the apocalyptic war between Heaven and Hell was not actually his fault. 

The original was quite a good game—we reviewed it way back in 2010—and the Warmastered Edition boasts a number of visual improvements: Doubled texture resolutions, 4K support, re-rendered cutscenes, post-processing effects, a number of graphics options (FOV, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, and so forth), plus native Steam controller support and Steam trading cards. 

You can see some of those upgrades in action in the release trailer above, and the new-and-improved intro trailer which is located below. Where your eyes no doubt already were.

Andy Chalk

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