Overwatch dating sim: How to play Loverwatch and unlock rewards

Overwatch dating sim - Genji, Cupid Hanzo, and Mercy
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The Overwatch dating sim, Loverwatch, finally gives players what they've wanted all along: the opportunity to date either Mercy or Genji—or both. And it's just in time for Valentine's Day.

With the help of Cupid Hanzo, you can try your best to court both Overwatch 2 heroes and win their adoration. The browser-based dating sim is pretty simple: you click through dialogue and choose responses over the course of three dates. With the right decisions, you'll successfully earn the "lovey dovey" profile icon associated with that hero.

To earn the Cupid Hanzo player icon as well as the Cupid's Kiss highlight intro (for your Hanzo play of the games), you need to win over both Genji and Mercy and finish the secret ending.

Once you've finished each route, make sure to visit the main menu and select "rewards" to redeem the "lovey dovey" hero icons. The Cupid's Kiss highlight intro, however, won't show up there. It will automatically be added to your account.

To play it, visit Loverwatch.gg. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on mobile browsers.

Here are the necessary dialogue choices to win over Genji and Mercy, and how to complete the secret ending:

Mercy Overwatch dating sim route

Overwatch dating sim - Mercy and Cupid dialogue on a date

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First date:

  • Tell a joke for open mic night: "Why doesn't the surgeon like operating on elbows?" 

Second date:

  • Order from menu: "Order the bircher muesli."
  • What does being a hero feel like?: "I need you Angela." 

Third date:

  • Her genius does not extend to the baristorial arts, if such a thing exists: "Drink it enthusiastically." 
  • She blushes Pink Mercy™️ pink: "Date. I'm Angela's date." 

Genji Overwatch dating sim route

Overwatch dating sim - Genji speaking on a date

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First date:

  • Well? Say something! And remember, your choices will affect how he feels about you: "...I really like your outfit." 
  • Tell a joke for open mic night: "Tell a joke about ninjas," or "Tell a joke about cyborgs." 
  • But I do, so I still laughed: "Making you laugh was the goal."

Second date:

  • In that case, what will you order for dinner: "Order off the kids menu," or "Order Genji’s favorite food." 
  • Someone recognizes him from Blackwatch: "I'm so sorry, Genji." 
  • What do you do to cheer Genji up: "Reassure him," or "Hold his hand." 

Third date:

  • What did you think of the hike: "It was worth it to be here with you," or "It was a breeze." 
  • Well… what do you think? Can one know their true self: "Yes, they can," or "I'm not sure, but you can try." 

How to unlock Overwatch dating sim secret ending

Overwatch dating sim - Cupid Hanzo dialogue on a date

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After winning over both Genji and Mercy, start a new game and Cupid Hanzo should take you to a new location. If you leave the website, you have to complete one of the routes successfully again to trigger the secret ending.

You only have one set of choices:

  • I don't know what to say, except…: "You were my soulmate all along." 

The Overwatch dating sim will be available until February 28.

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