Finally, Overwatch 2 gets a dating sim and more in season 3

Overwatch 2's third season aims to address the biggest issues players have had since the game's launch in October.

Apart from debuting the new Antarctica Control map, season 3 will finally make skins easier to earn for free, tweak how Competitive works, and feature three events with skins and other cosmetics to earn and buy on the shop.

Anyone that logs into the game next week will instantly unlock the first five free tiers of the battle pass, a head start toward earning credits (a returning currency from Overwatch 1) to buy epic and legendary skins from the first game.

Loverwatch, a text-based Overwatch dating sim, will launch on February 13. In it, you can choose to date either Mercy or Genji and interact with them via dialogue options. It has a secret ending to unlock, which will grant you a play of the game highlight intro. On February 14 Overwatch 2 will have its Ultimate Valentine's Event with a "Hanzo 4v4 Limited Time Mode," and support-themed challenges to earn two epic skins and other cosmetics. The dating sim and event will end on February 28.

On March 7, Overwatch 2's first Fortnite-style brand collab will begin with a set of One Punch Man skins and a custom loading screen. The season 3 trailer shows off Saitama Doomfist, but Blizzard said more details, including how you'll be able to earn one of the skins for free, will come closer to the event.

Overwatch's Pachimari-themed event PachiMarchi will return on March 21 with a new Kill Confirmed game mode and a list of cosmetic rewards, including the Pachimari epic Roadhog skin from the first game.

Overwatch 2 season 3 skins

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Overwatch 2's season 3 battle pass includes: 

  • Several skins and other cosmetics based on Asian mythology
  • 1500 credits to earn on the free track for OW1's epic and legendary skins 
  • An Amaterasu Kiriko Mythic (customizable) skin at tier 90 of the premium track 

Overwatch 2's season 3 quality of life changes: 

  • A streamer mode to hide names, chat, replay codes, queue times, and the ability to delay your queue
  • The return of Workshop scripting tools for custom games
  • Expanded custom game reporting tools (to help avoid inappropriate modes
  • Your competitive rank updates every 5 wins or 15 losses (changed from 7 wins and 20 losses) 
  • The matchmaker will now match you against players of a similar skill level playing the same role 
  • Tanks have had their health reduced across the board for every mode that isn't Role Queue, or locked to one tank, two DPS, and two supports 

Blizzard said season 3's balance changes include nerfs to Mercy, a healer at the center of a debate about the role of supports in the meta a few weeks ago. Changes to how much ultimate charge you retain when you swap heroes and nerfs to Rammatra's AoE ultimate duration are coming, too. Blizzard will release the full patch notes later today.

Overwatch 2 season 3 will start on February 7.

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