Overgrowth gets dialogue editor, is still mostly about violence

I was recently linked a video of Overgrowth's 201 Alpha, which showed some incredibly impactful spear based violence. Unfortunately, it was released in September - which is so long ago, I might as well have been alerting everyone to the existence of this exciting new game called Chess. Fortunately, a new build has just been released, providing both a new dialogue editor, and an excuse for me to talk about rabbits beating the snot out of each other.

First, the new 202 Alpha build, and an extensive look at the flexible editor available to players:

It seems like a nice update that will have interesting ramifications on the full game. But is it about grown rabbits smacking, thwacking and piercing each other with spears? No. This is, though:

For those not in the know, Overgrowth is a third-person brawler that's been in development since the dawn of time. Or 2008, which is pretty much the same thing. While not yet finished, it is available to pre-order , and doing so gives access to the current Overgrowth alpha build, as well as the ace first-person roguelike Receiver and the multiplayer stealth shooter Low Light Combat.

Phil Savage

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