Over-the-top boss-fighter Furi drops major update and pair of trailers

Furi—the uber-stylish, boss-rushing fight ‘em up from Parisian outfit Gamebakers—came as somewhat of a surprise when it landed earlier this year. In a style akin to the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, it eschewed regular enemy wave-based brawling for all-out boss battling—and backed its intuitive combat up with an ultra cool soundtrack. It’s now received its first major update, it’s first proper sale, and a pair of trailers: one in-depth ‘making of’ short, and one pro-tips video.    

First, the update. Version 1.2.58 reflects community feedback, so says its Steam Community page, as it introduces a host of player-requested features. Such as alternate gamepad control schemes; a new radial mode option for mouse aiming; more options for Promenade Mode; tweaks to both The Burst and The Line in Furi difficulty story mode; and improvements to reticle visibility, to name but a few of the adjustments. Full details of the update’s additions can be found over here

Second, the trailers. The first episode of Furi’s 'making of' video series runs for close to 13 minutes and is full of interesting stuff. Admittedly, I’m generally a sucker for this sort of thing, but this is a cool behind-the-scenes peek at Furi’s makeup nevertheless: 

If you’ve struggled to master Furi (if that’s you, worry not, you can’t be any worse than me), you might benefit from the following “Advanced Combat Techniques” trailer:

And to round off this flurry of Furi-focused news—if you're yet to experience what James described as “a stylish mix of bullet hell and deft swordplay”, you might like to know it’s on sale later today. 

“This is the first sale for Furi and it won’t last long,” reads a statement. “The Steam daily sale runs for 48 hours, from 10 AM PST [6pm BST] on Wednesday, September 28 to 10 AM PST [6pm BST] on Friday, September 30, so act fast! The game will also be discounted 20% off on the Humble Store, and will launch on a selection of PC stores at a promotional launch price 20% off too.”