Outlast and the Whistleblower DLC are free on the Humble Store

The Humble Store End of Summer Sale itself came to an end today, which means it's time for the Humble Store End of Summer Sale Encore! Yes, seriously, the sale is over but is also still going on, which means you've got four more days to pick up some of those discounted games you were wavering on yesterday, and more importantly, to snag a free copy of the hit horror game Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC. 

You should know by now how it works, but in case you've missed the previous sale freebie posts, it goes like this: Hit the Outlast Deluxe Edition page on the Humble Store. Click "Add to cart." Click "Checkout." Click "Get it for free." And just, you know, follow the instructions from there. You'll be links to separate codes for the game and the DLC, which have to be redeemed by October 7. 

Outlast, by the way, is very good. Is it scary? "Hell yes," we wrote in our 2013 review. "Outlast can be terrifying, with subtle scares, wonderfully timed surprises, and a crushing sense of dread accompanying you as you inch through the darkened corridors, waiting for something—anything—to happen." 

The Humble Store Outlast freebie will be available until 10 am PT on September 23. The End of Summer Sale Encore runs until 10 am PT on September 25. 

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Andy Chalk

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