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Our top keyboard—the HyperX Alloy Elite—is $119.99 on Amazon

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A few of our best gaming keyboards (opens in new tab) are available on Amazon for a lot less than normal: you can get the HyperX Alloy Elite for $119.99 (opens in new tab) or the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum for just $139.99 (opens in new tab).  In the case of the Platinum this saves you 30%, making it the cheapest it’s ever been on Amazon.

But which one should you go for? If you’re after an affordable yet high-quality setup, the HyperX Alloy Elite would be our recommendation. In fact, it was our best gaming keyboard of 2018. That’s because it “leaves no box unchecked in features. It’s equipped with dedicated media controls, USB passthrough, a detachable wristrest, and backlighting”. The board also supports “full N-key rollover, meaning you never have to worry about key presses not registering”.

US deal

HyperX Alloy Elite for $119.99 on Amazon (save 14%) (opens in new tab)
Save money on our top gaming keyboard via Amazon. The HyperX Alloy Elite is currently $20 off! 

UK deal

HyperX Alloy Elite for £95.99 on Amazon (save 20%) (opens in new tab)
Get a bargain on the HyperX Alloy Elite, a gaming keyboard that we think is the best of 2018.

Meanwhile, those who are happy to spend a little more should consider the K95 RGB Platinum (opens in new tab). Thanks to superb build quality and a ton of features, this is arguably the best high-end keyboard money can buy. Despite being on the large side, it’s worth investing in if you’ve got the space for it on your gaming setup. 

US deal

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum for $139.99 on Amazon (save 30%) (opens in new tab)
If you want the highest quality keyboard on the market, the K95 Platinum currently has a good saving on Amazon. 

UK deal

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum for £169.99 on Amazon (save £15) (opens in new tab)
Luckily, UK gamers aren't being left out. Amazon's also selling the K95 Platinum at a slightly reduced price across the pond.

For a cheaper Corsair alternative, check out the K68 RGB (opens in new tab). This is on sale as well for the slightly more affordable $69.99. Because it’s got IP32 dust and water resistance, the K68 will take almost any spill or accident you can throw at it.

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