Open world sci-fi horror Pamela gets creepy trailer


I'm still reeling from Frictional Games' pretty great sci-fi horror Soma (you can read Andy's review here) so I'm well in the mood for another game that's scary, sciencey, and full of robots. P.A.M.E.L.A. could be that game, despite the mildly infuriating name. It's being described as an "open-world, utopian survival horror", and you can see what one of those looks like via the following trailer.

We appear to have missed the 'Announcement' trailer six months ago, so I'll include that at the bottom of this post. Developer NVYVE says that Pamela features "a massive city environment, from malls to nightclubs", along with a day/night cycle, "unconventional weaponry" (i.e. you shove them onto your arm-gadget), and city residents "mad with unpredictability". Like every damn utopia going, the one in Pamela is named Eden, and it's obviously gone to hell.

(Oh and if you're wondering who Pamela is, she's the AI who guides you around.)

Pamela is out in 2016 and, crikey, it's a bit of a looker. There's a Steam Greenlight page here if you're interested.

Tom Sykes

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