Ooblets guide: essential tips for settling into Oob life

ooblets guide
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There's a lot to do in the world of Ooblets. Being plonked into an empty lot with only a single ooblet and a busted old shack can be a little intimidating, especially when the residents of Badgetown are pulling you left and right for favours. With crafting, gardening, dance battling, fishing, shopping, fulfilling quests, and chatting to be getting on with, it can be a little overwhelming without an Ooblets guide. 

Although this can seem like a lot, Ooblets is a relatively relaxing game that doesn't ask you to rush or exert yourself. Life in the sleepy seaside town is slower than most places, and slipping into the daily rhythms of farming life is a gentle experience.

Either way, here are my top Ooblets tips to help you get settled and start your new life in the world of Oob, including what you should prioritise and some handy little tricks.

Good sprinklers and Oobcoops are the way to go

It may be tempting to buy basic sprinklers as soon as possible to help your watering needs, but don't. Save your precious resources, including oobsidian, and spend it on good sprinklers. They're not much more expensive and they water almost ten times the space a basic one would. 

Even better are oobcoops. Not only will they let you collect more ooblets, but the critters living in them will tend to your crops for you. Crops planted around oobcoops will also grow faster which is an excellent bonus. 

Scavenge as much as you can

Scavenging is a great way to quickly gather resources, and can sometimes save you from planting expensive seeds. For example, clothplants are a popular resource for crafting, so you're going to be needing a lot of them. Instead of buying seeds, have a look at the top layers of the town where they're likely to sprout. You can also get clothplant seeds by pulling the weeds in your garden.

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Chat to residents everyday

This might seem like an obvious one, but really, chat to everyone every day. Becoming friends with Badgetown's residents not only earns you stickers, but characters will give you awesome items that, when you're just starting out, are hard to get (some may even give you ooblet seeds as a thank you). It's an easy way to get great stuff and it doesn't cost you any energy to chat, so get out and socialise. 

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Lumpstump is a beast

All the ooblets you collect have useful dance moves in battle but Lumpstump's abilities sit head and shoulders above the rest. This little chap is pretty powerful with many of its dance abilities having multiple uses, as it hypes up your team and earns you points. Lumpstump is an early-game ooblet who's easy to collect, so keep them in your squad to get some powerful dance moves. Quite the powerhouse for what is essentially a tree stump with googly eyes. 

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Completing museum cases get you amazing items

Inside the museum you'll find empty cases made to display ooblet models, and completing these individual cases get you amazing farming bundles. Make a note of which ooblets you need to finish a case and keep an eye open for them. Make sure to take the ooblets to Rugnolia in her trailer and she will give you a model of that critter. 

Then, run back to the museum and the place where your ooblet model should be placed will be sparkling. When you've completed a case, Mayor Tinstle will send you a bundle of items including a sprinkler, oobcoop, crop seeds, a whole heap of gummies, and plenty of wishes. It's a fantastic bundle and a great early-game boost for starting your farm.

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Get the barn finished asap

Finishing the barn should be a priority when you've got the necessary resources. As you get more into your daily routine—fulfilling quests and so on—wishes become progressively hard to achieve. Building the farmhouse means that Badgetown will start running daily battle tournaments, and winning these dance-offs will give you a nice heap of wishes each day.

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