Old-school FPS Bunker Punks is also a base management sim

Three years after we first saw it and two years after its Early Access launch, mashup FPS Bunker Punks will fully release on May 28, developer Ninja Robot Dinosaur announced today. In case you missed it: Bunker Punks is an old-school FPS that channels DOOM and Wolfenstein's run-and-gun fun, pairs it with a base management sim where you upgrade your HQ to upgrade your character, and seasons it with permadeath and procedurally generated levels. 

“I wanted to make a game that captured the feeling of classic FPS games," says solo developer Shane Neville. "Where bullets are flying everywhere and you are always running through the level as fast as you can. A game where charging in, circle strafing and running backwards while unloading bullets are all part of the experience.” 

As you may have gathered from the smooth voice-over in the trailer above, Bunker Punks is about a group of revolutionaries fighting the good fight in a dystopian future. You assemble a squad of freedom fighters with unique abilities and build a base that complements their fighting style. Different rooms come with different perks, so you can use the resources you collect out in the field to fine-tune your play style back home. It sounds like an intuitive little system, and the shooting looks razor sharp. 

Bunker Punks will launch on Steam and Humble for $15. It's currently available for $10 on Humble if you buy into Early Access by May 23.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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