Oculus Rift to launch in UK and Europe next month

It took months to sort through its production shortage, but Oculus finally shipped the last of its Rift VR headset pre order backlog last month. At $599, pre orders (first launched in January) cost more than expected, however quickly sold out nevertheless—causing the estimated ship date to slide for new orders. Today, Oculus marked September 20 as launch day in the UK and Europe, when the headset will cost prospective customers £549/€699.

Which does seem a little on the expensive side—particularly given the fact eager players this side of the pond can order online. According to this exchange rate, the $599 US RRP translates to £462 which, even with surplus shipping costs, makes £549 seem a bit steep. Could this markup be down to Britain’s recent to decision to part ways with the European Union—in similar fashion to the Vive’s price hike? We’ve reached out to Oculus for comment.  

Anyway, a blog post on the Oculus site notes that all headsets will ship with VR platformer Lucky’s Tale, as well as “hundreds of free 3D 360 videos and VR movies.” The post also details which retailers you can purchase the Rift from come launch day.

“We’re rolling out demo experiences across Europe and Canada over the next several weeks,” says the post. “By fall, you’ll be able to demo Rift in more than 600 retail locations across the US, Canada, and Europe. Demo titles include every thrill-seeker’s favorite: The Climb, the heartwarming VR film: Henry, the exotic planetary experience: Farlands, and the perfect introduction to VR: Oculus Dreamdeck.”

Oculus Rift headsets will launch in the UK, Europe and Canada on September 20.