Oculus finally catches up on Rift pre-orders and eliminates shipping delays

It's taken Oculus a few months to sort through its production shortage of Rift headsets but at long last all pre-orders have now shipped out, the company announced today. Furthermore, Oculus promises that all new orders will ship in two to four business days.

Oculus first began taking pre-orders for its $599 VR headset back in early January. At the time, it was telling customers the Rift would ship on March 28. Despite the higher-than-expected price tag, Oculus quickly sold out of its first batch of Rift headsts and had to push back the estimated ship date for new orders.

The extended wait didn't sit well with customers, which prompted Oculus to refund shipping costs. Going forward, Oculus doesn't anticipate any further shipping delays.

"We want to apologize for the delays in getting Rifts to doorsteps. We appreciate that without your support, VR wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for your patience over the past few months," Oculus stated in a blog post.

Oculus also said it's ramping up inventory for retail store locations that sell the Rift in the U.S., both online and brick-and-mortar. Sometime this month you'll be able to find Rift headsets at select Microsoft Stores. And if you're interested in trying out a unit to see what all the fuss is about, Oculus is expanding its demo space at Best Buy to more than 500 U.S. store locations this fall.

In addition to catching up with pre-orders, Oculus announced that its Connect 3 developer event will be held in San Jose, California, from October 5-7. Oculus says it will be the largest one yet, with more than 50 technical talks from the likes of Brendan Iribe, John Carmack, and Michael Abrash, to name a few of the keynote speakers.

Paul Lilly

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